I’m ready

So, here in New Orleans we kind of have to trade off in the weather department. We don’t get Autumn, but we also don’t really get Winter and while that sounds like two losses (an technically it is), to me Winter is a drag so I am happy to get rid of it. But Autumn? Now that’s kind of a sore subject for me. Of course we get cooler days and all that, but not real, crisp Autumn. It’s happening for most of you right now, for me it’s just an idea on the computer screen because here it is still Summer. Long, hot Summer. But talk to me in February when I am dancing in the warm air during Mardi Gras, flowers blooming all around, I’ll be real happy then 😉
Anyway, to get me in the mood, trick my mind and launch some fall vibes around these parts here are some images, items and ideas that have me inching in the Autumn direction.
My fave Autumn song:

source unknown

source unknown

Harvest Moon should be tonight, if predictions are correct!

This little guy did it, this little guy helped me take the plunge into pretending it’s Fall! Isn’t he darling? This is hand carved, people. In Canada. LOVE!

I have never really thought about buying cookies online until I saw these…boy are they stinkin’ adorable. And they look pretty yummy, too!

I don’t know why, but every since having a little one I have been drawn to the idea of felted things…and aren’t they so fall-ish? Something so cozy about a soft little wool sculpture.

OMG! I adore this! Like, I need it. Wow. So cute.

This would be the perfect mantle place garland to get me in the mood for fall, I like it’s simple shape and rich colors so much.

Wow, love this, too! What a pretty print to hang for the season! Never to early to think about what we are thankful for 🙂
< a href=”http://www.etsy.com/listing/162991919/thanksgiving-art-print-8×10-pumpkin?ref=shop_home_active”>MooseBerryPrintShop

Who doesn’t wanna snuggle down under this pretty plaid quilt? Such perfect fall colors!

This is so why I go onto Pinterest. I will probably never actually do it, because really, what do I ever make off of Pinterest (?!) but boy, it’s just such a good idea.


I can’t help but think about how dusty this would get in my house and I don’t think I could actually make it knowing that, but if I lived in a regular house where things didn’t get dusty in like 1 second I would totally make a bunch of these because this is awesome!
Floating Ghost on Everydayiscraftingday.com

Apparently you can just drill holes in pumpkins and make the prettiest designs. Who knew? Oh, well Martha Stewart, of course. Making us feel stupid since the 90’s, lol! No, I love her, this is genius.

Oh, I just love these creepy-cute little guys!
Don’t know where the original idea came from, if you do please let me know!


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