I am an art lover. To me, art is like the sprinkles on top of life. Art is this little gift to humanity that makes life more fun, deeper, it’s like an extra element. I particularly like art with a sense of humor. Ok, I like almost everything with a sense of humor. And here’s where it really gets interesting; only one of the pieces of art in my home right now reflects this and that piece is in my daughter’s room. I seem to have discovered about myself that I enjoy living in a space that is decorated in almost an opposite way to that of my more obvious tastes.
Now that’s weird, right? Anyway, here are some pieces I have been loving lately, regardless of if I will ever want to live with them…

By Judith Geher

By Louise Weaver

By Liu Ye

By Fukawa Aiko

By Alison Watkins

By Joan Jonas

By Shaun Kardinal

Looks like it’s signed ‘CALLA,’ if you know who that is please let me know because I LOVE this piece!

By Elise Werbler

By silverridgestudio on etsy

By Karen Miller

By Isobel Wood

By anek on Etsy, love her stuff!

By Beth Hoeckel, I am a collage artist in my own little world and hold collage near and dear to my heart, Beth’s work ticks my boxes and makes me happy.

By Giordanne Sally

By Arnout van Arbada

By Pepe Shimada

It feels so good to share this beauty through my blog, please look these artists up if you like what you see, I’m sure they would like that 🙂 Check out The Jealous Curator for spot on features of great artists you haven’t heard of but need to. She has such great taste and some of the work is just so out of the box, it’s fun to look. You can also find her here, on sfgirlbybay where she does a bi-weekly sort of thing that’s really fun.


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