Little Ms. MaryJane

What is your name? “MaryJane…Ward…W-A-R-D”
How old are you? “I am…five”
Who is your mom? “Rachel Ward, W-A-R-D”
What does she do? “She has no jobs, she only has school…..just school, she doesn’t have aaaaany jobs but school”
Who is your dad? “Dennis Ward, W-A-R-D”
What does he do? “He works at my school…the school is um, it’s the school I go to, he used to work at Lowe’s…or is it Home Depot?”
What do you want to be when you grow up? “Uh, I want to be…a…what’s a paleontologist, Mama? But I don’t want to be that. I want to be a zoo, I mean I want to work at the zoo”
What’s your favorite food? “Um, cherries. Fake cherries.” Do you mean maraschino cherries? “Yeah, fake cherries.”
What’s your least favorite food? “Ummmm…my least favorite food. I’m sorry, my other favorite food is sushi, too, my favorite food is sushi.” Ok, so what is your least favorite food? “One of them is uh, salad leaves that aren’t crunchy. Whatever. I like the crunchy salad leaves. And shrimp, I don’t like them anymore.”
What is your favorite animal? “Oh. Um, zebra. Oh, kittens. And bunnies! and don’t forget, cute little gerbilcorns…gerbil, gerbil, little gerbilcoooorns. I meant, hamsters! I meant to say haaaaamsters, I’m sorry.”
Where do you want to live when you grow up? “I want to live in Hawaii.”
What does your mom say all the time? “Dennis, come here blah blah, toys, blah blah t-z-k-o-p ”
What does dad say? “No, I don’t like that, we’re not doin’ that today, no, no, no!”
What is your favorite movie? “I haven’t seen all of them in the world, so I don’t know. Barbie movies….of course. And Annie. Orphan Ann-uh.”
What is your favorite restaurant’s name? “Sushi places.”
What is your favorite book? “Um. Let me show ya.” Brings me a stack of Barbie Books
What is your favorite toy? “Barbies. No! Bun. Bun and Barbies.”
What would you do with a million dollars? “I would go on a cruise, I would eat sushi. I would…uumm…eat candy, too. Aaaand, go to the aquarium. The children’s museum. I would go everywhere! I would get a diamond. I would um, I would ride a pony. And, the last thing is get the best Barbie movie in the world!”
What are you scared of? “The DARK! I’m really scared of the dark!”
Can you tell me 5 words that describe you the best? “Umm, talented, pretty aaaaand the last thing is pretty. I already said pretty, didn’t I? O.k. And pink. Pink pink pink! Piiiiiink!”

Well, that pretty much says it all.


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