kitchen love, pt 2

So this is the second installment of my kitchen love post. I have been thinking that I would juxtapose my two tastes in posts for each room, ie the kitchen, like I have done here and then the dining room, living room, bedroom and bath. So stay tuned for the those posts, to come.

My other favored look is also pretty white-filled but it’s set off with pops of brights. I think of it as a casual, California-cool and modern kind of look. I really like this vibe because I have always been attracted to bright happy colors, but I know I can’t live in a home that is saturated in color, I need calm in my home so the white-ness is important.


Jonathon Adler lighting

Also from Birch+Bird.

Like in the image above, I would like to do a cool gallery wall with art pieces like the ones below, not necessarily the exact pieces, but the vibe of them, at least.


Jonathon Adler Clock

Def. not feeling the Campbell’s soup can-lights for myself, but I love everything else.
Via Bungalow5

Wallpaper from Flavorpaper


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