Kitchen love pt. 1

I am of two different decorating minds and am at the point where I am trying to figure out how to merge them or even if to merge them. If I don’t figure out how to combine them then I have to choose between them…I don’t know which direction to go. So I thought I would organize my likes here on the blog and hopefully organically come to a conclusion. Today I am sharing one side of my likes for the kitchen. On this side I like creamy colored cabinets, a light palette including greige, blues, pearl with some French-y and cottage-y influences. This look is all about being soothing and calm, very home-y but still with a touch of whimsy. But just a touch. The wallpaper would be tempered with lots of cream, lots of light colors. Because the wallpaper is kind of funky I would make everything else pretty high end.

The use of wallpaper, here, is exactly how I would temper my taste for a more whimsical paper with the desire I have for a more classic look. This kitchen really hits the nail on the head for me in every way except I would use a more fun paper.
Image via InteriorDesign5.

I actually have these exact canisters and I am certain that whichever decorating direction I go I am going to use them and the pearly tile backsplash pictured here.
Via Houzz

Via HouseBeautiful, source of paper unknown to me.

Adore this! The light fixture, the topiaries, it’s almost all perfection. I think the clean white mixed with the taupe is my only dislike, I would go a more greige/gray blue direction in the roman shade and then a pearly tile backsplash, but that’s just me. Image found on Houzz.

Source unknown to me, if you have it please share 🙂

I love a lot of this look, although it’s a little too cottage-y for me, esp. the candle holders…
from here

Do you like this look? Do you have any links to some kitchens that are getting this look just right?


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