beauty basics

I am just not motivated to get to involved in make-up and blow drying, especially in the morning. And let me be the first to say that maybe I should be more motivated. I envy women who have it in ’em to put all of that effort in, I wouldn’t even know where to start.
But as I have gotten older the reality of skin damage and wrinkles has started to sink in and I do slather on moisturizer pretty frequently and liberally. I really like the Vit C serum, shown above. It doesn’t make me break out which is the most important thing and it does seem to make my skin more glow-y. Beyond the serum I like to use just plain old virgin coconut oil. I like that stuff for every part of my body and a $7 jar from Whole Foods last me about 6 months and that includes if I use it in smoothies occasionally or whatever. I know a lot of people shy away from the idea of using oil on their skin, but for me, a person prone to break-outs, I have never ever broken out from using coconut oil right on my face like a face cream. Ever. I like to use it as a hot oil treatment for my hair, too, but I am on the no-shampoo train, so that might make a difference. If you shampoo and as a result you have that whole oily-hair-cycle going on then it probably would not be a good idea for you. But if, like me, you have crazy coarse and curly hair then I say try it because it really does make my hair a tad more manageable.
My routine looks like this: Wash my face in the shower with Cetaphil or Pro-active depending on mood and how my face feels/looks. Moisturize with Vit C serum and coconut oil. Spritz perfume and swipe on Dove deodorant or crystal deodorant depending on what kind of day I anticipate having. Maybe dot a little Benetint on cheeks and lips. Seriously. And trust me, this is not so pared down because I think I am just this hot, young thing who can get away with it. I should probably put a little more effort in, and I do when I have to be at school or church or something, but just to write this blog? I may not even have brushed my teeth until I have had my second cup of coffee around noon. Is that too honest, lol?
As far as make-up goes I am not a go-to for much advice in that area, but I do have a few favorite products that are shown in the image above and I really really like the look I can achieve with them.

This is a good close-up pic of how I do my make-up with the products shown in the collage. The pic is from like 3 years ago, but I am still rockin’ this look when I bother to do my face. I guess it’s classic and I think it flatters just about everyone. I find the felt tip liner to work the easiest for that liquid liner winged-eye look I love so much.
And the Benetint is just about perfection in a bottle. First off it smells like roses. Secondly it has multiple uses because you can use it on your lips and cheeks, which I do. It’s so easy, layerable and takes merely seconds. People tell me all. the. time. that I have such a rosy complexion, but no, I have a pastey face just like anyone else until I use this stuff. One bottle is almost $30 and I would never spend that kind of dough if it wasn’t worth it. You can, however, buy sample sizes on E-bay in 3 packs for like $10, shipping included so search around over there if you wanna give it a try but aren’t ready to commit. I suggest you just buy the whole bottle, though, because it’s worth every penny. Also, Benetint does have 3-4 shades but I like the classic original. If you do buy the samples off of E-bay you can mix and match shades so that might be worth it if you wanted to experiment in that way.
I really like Clinique for anything foundation-y. I started with them when I was 18 and I loved their ‘almost make-up.’ When ‘BB’ and ‘CC’ creams came out I thought the name ‘BB’ and ‘CC’ was dumb, but I happen to really like the Clinique ‘CC’ and it does what it should which is add some moisture, cover enough and make me look radiant, not cake-y or weird.
I didn’t include a mascara in the collage above because I don’t pledge allegiance to any particular one. I buy different ones each time and have not found one I love. I actually wish I could find a classic lash tint as opposed to a mascara, but I haven’t found one still on the market as of yet. If you know of one let me know in the comments.
For soap purposes I am devoted to Dr. Bronner’s because the story of the guy who invented it is so crazy I still don’t understand who he is or why he was the way he was, but the soap is a vintage product that has stuck around and you know how I feel about vintage things and then I just really like the purity and the scents. It’s just good old fashioned quality soap made from good ingredients that my whole family can use. And no, I don’t get paid to endorse any of this stuff, I just genuinely like it all!
So what do you use? Do you switch it up or are you like me and mostly use the same stuff?



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