Talking Shop: Charlotte Lucas of LaStarlette


I hope you are ready for some full. on. GLAMOUR. Because today’s interview is with Charlotte Lucas of LaStarlette on Etsy and her shop is devoted to and dripping with total unabashed glamour. So fun!

Can you introduce yourself to my readers?
My name is Charlotte Lucas. I am an artist, musician, and shop-owner on Etsy. My store is called La Starlette. The name conveys the idea behind what we aim to offer our customers: classic, glamorous, old Hollywood, dazzling fun! I live in Sacramento CA with my husband and our three cats.
What sparked your interest in vintage?

I have always loved vintage clothes. I think it started at the age of ten. Courtney Love and her Band, Hole, were popular at that time. I was mad about Love’s vintage baby doll dresses. As I got older, my taste became more refined and I started looking to my mother and grandmother for fashion ideas. My Mom has an edgy, ahead of the curve, style, and my Grandmother is classic but with a sparkle of fun and unusual.

Marian Woodcock Hughes, Charlotte’s Great Great Grandmother.

Charlotte Hughes Bateman, her Great Grandmother.

Pamela Bateman Masse, her Grandmother and creator of Bags N Bloom Handbags

Heather Greenlee, her mother.

And Charlotte, herself. the 5th generation of lovely ladies!

Do you use social media to enhance your success on Etsy and if so, how?

La Starlette has a Facebook page.

What are your favorite places to score vintage treasures?

My Grandmother’s closet!

What is a typical day like working as a seller on Etsy?

A typical day involves photographing new merchandise and keeping up with the details of the site store and the Facebook page. My Grandmother makes all of the floral handbags we carry. The collection is called, “Bags ‘n Bloom.” I make the picture frames and although, they are not up yet, holiday ornaments. The fun thing about La Starlette is that it is only limited by one’s imagination. We plan to expand our hand-crafted selections in the future (clothes, art, home décor, etc.)

What have you learned about photography as an Etsy seller?

You need three things: good lighting, a creative spirit, and patience. My mom was a model for years. She learned a lot about what it took to make a good photograph. I offer my models the same advice. If the position is an uncomfortable one, it will probably look great on film. Look at the camera like you are looking at your best friend OR if I’m trying to capture a certain mood, I’ll have the model imagine a situation in her mind that matches it and try and capture the expression of it on her face. Finally, In general, only one out of 20 photographs is going to come out well. Its hard work and with any luck, magic!

What is your favorite era for vintage things? Why?
Every era had its share of beautiful and remarkable innovations, paired with the recycling and updating of older ideas. It’s fun to review, watch (and predict) what is going on in the fashion world. Too difficult to choose!

Thanks so much, Charlotte, for sharing your world with us!


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