decorating a friends house and how you can get the look, too

decorating with friends All last week I was hard at work on a big re-decorating project I am doing with my bff in her home. She is fresh off of a summer-long renovation and was itching for the fun to begin. We spent the entire week running around the greater New Orleans area chasing furniture like you wouldn’t believe. And yes, I mean chasing! The things we wanted were in hot demand and apparently flying off of the display floor but we managed to secure everything she needed so far as actual furniture is concerned.
As far as design goes she has a very clear vision of what she wants to do with the space. Her colors sit firmly in the beige and blue zone. She doesn’t really like to stray, and that’s ok. I happen to really like that color combo as well. I actually painted my living room/kitchen an icy blue, called ‘Smoke’ by Benjamin Moore, this past Winter and then bought a taupe couch. I guess birds of a feather flock together.
It has been fun working on this project with her. We have been friends literally our entire lives, 32 years of togetherness. We have kids that are a year apart and little tiny bffs which is about the cutest thing ever. So there is some parallel influence in the things we are drawn to. But then I am always going to be a smidge funkier than she is and she will always lean toward the more refined and classic choice. We compliment each other and agree a lot.
As we have worked on this project the vibe, the over all image, has turned out to be one part beach-y, one part French provincial and one part New Orleans Uptown.
I thought it would be fun to show a first glimpse of the space, it’s not done enough for the full tour, and then some images of spaces that embody the general vibes we are shooting for and some accessories from Etsy that would spruce up any blah space to achieve this pretty look that we are creating in her home.

The image above is of her new sofa that goes in the formal dining/sitting room. It is creamy and slip-covered and exactly what she was looking for. We got it for a steal. The pillows are from Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, sshhhh! We actually found lots of amazing stuff from those two stores, it was like we hit the shopping jackpot last week. The mirror, chest, side table and lamp were all things she already had.
The slipper chairs sit across from the sofa and are new. We found the small pillow at Marshall’s, too. It is covered in navy blue glass bugle beads so it’s very pretty and sparkly.

This picture was taken on a shopping trip to a gorgeous store in New Orleans called Sofas & Chairs. We both fell in love with this grouping. I think it runs parallel to what we are going for in the formal area.

This is another picture from the same shop and I feel like the more casual look of this grouping matches with the feeling we are going for the living room/kitchen area.

The funny thing about the images above is that in the more formal space at my friend’s home we have added in the navy blue and in the more casual area we are using the softer palette.

One last pic from Sofa & Chairs. My bf has a lot of this blue and white pottery that we can incorporate into the spaces and I personally don’t think any home is complete without at least one Foo dog!

Below are some spaces that I love and feel like capture the vibe of this color scheme perfectly.

Chair covers by Bemz

Don’t know where this image originates from but if you do please don’t hesitate to let me know!

image found on

I don’t know where this image originates from but if you do then please don’t hesistate to tell me.

I don’t know where this image originates from, but if you do please let me know.



2 thoughts on “decorating a friends house and how you can get the look, too

    • Thanks so much! We are obviously only done with the first step, but it’s exciting to see it starting to come together.

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