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Oh my goodness. I just had too much fun working on that fairy-tale wedding themed post the other day and I have been itching to work on something equally as delicious. Today I dug into the fashion of the 1930’s and there were certainly some gems to be found in Etsy-land. So I was wonderin’, maybe it makes sense to wear 1930’s fashions in my 30’s, 1940’s fashions in my 40’s, 1950’s fashions in my 50’s and so on…although it’s hard to imagine being inspired once I hit the 90’s. But I guess rules are made to broken!

Carole Lombard

Ann Sothern

Alice White


Joan Crawford

Thelma Todd

Jean Harlow

Gene Tierney

Glenda Farrell

Marie Wilson

Fay Wray

Constance Bennett

Evelyn Knapp

Una Merkel

Sally Blane

I adore Norma Shearer!

Joan Bennett

Margaret Lindsay

Barbara Stanwyck

Vivien Leigh


6 thoughts on “30s

  1. What a spectacular time period to be a lady. You’ve done an outstanding job showcasing some of the very best of the 1930’s. We appreciate the great company! ~ The girls at Chula

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