ever after

fairy tale wedding

Wow! This post today is totally why I write a blog and focus so much of my energy on scouting out Etsy awesomeness. I never knew how much great vintage wedding stuff there was because I had just never looked. Especially the stuff from the 30s. That’s where my choice of theme stemmed from, 30s dresses are just so appealing to me. They look like they are pulled straight out of a Disney movie….or maybe Snow White looks so perfectly thirties because she came to be in 1937….yeah, that’s it! Either way, I really enjoyed doing this post and I hope you enjoy it, too! XOXO, RW

“S” for Snow White!


10 thoughts on “ever after

    • Thanks! I had SO much fun working on this super long post. It took about 12 hours all together, but I barely noticed because it was just too much good stuff πŸ™‚ Your shop is so amazing, must be fun for you, I am jealous!

    • I just got done making my husband go through them all with me, he was a good sport about while I was bubbling over with enthusiasm πŸ™‚

  1. What a great collection! I love all the dresses and now want to get married all over again. I’m glad I’m not though, there’d be too many important dress decisions to make!

    Thank you for including my wedding band and moonstone ring.

  2. What a gorgeous Fairy Tale Wedding Blog! I ABSOLUTELY love this! It is an honor to be featured. Thank you very much for including us! The pictures and layout are beautiful and really embody a Disney inspired vintage wedding! I just got married in June and would have loved to see something like this for wedding inspiration and ideas that are so easily accessible through Etsy! Thank you again!
    xoxo CrushVintage

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