Kale Salad

kale salad

This weekend I cooked up a storm! I have been kind of wishy-washy about cooking since starting back to school this past fall. I mean who has the time,right? But I actually love cooking and getting creative in the kitchen so feeling that juice start to flow as summer is sparking up is exciting 🙂
I went to the farmer’s market on Thursday and bought some eggs and assorted veggies including a lovely deep green bunch of kale. Now, for the record, I have been on the kale train for like 8 years. I remember hearing or reading somewhere that it was the healthiest vegetable on the planet so bought some at Wal-Mart and tried it in a pasta recipe and never looked back. I really like kale. I’m happy that it has become a sort of fad food because it is available everywhere and in different applications. I love eating store bought garlic kale chips, mmm. And I like making kale pesto, too. But this weekend I made something I had been resisting. Massaged kale salad. Just the idea of massaging kale made me indignant. I don’t like massaging my husband, the man that I love, am I really gonna massage a bowl of greens?
But I just kept seeing this idea floating around and I think it seeped into my subconscious because the other night I had a plan to cook some chicken on the grill and then I was vague in my mind about the details, but never did I think I would make a massaged kale salad. Never. It just kind of happened. I had a lovely platter of grilled boneless chicken thighs which I had marinated in lemon, olive oil, rosemary, honey, cayenne and sea salt.
I looked in the fridge and saw that bundle of kale that needed to get used and I washed it, spun it and placed in a large bowl. I looked at the stove and really did not want to cook anything in the kitchen. I reached for the basket of lemons, cut one in half, squeezed it over the kale and realized I was making a kale salad. I sprinkled the leaves with sea salt, drizzled them with olive oil and took a deep breath. I stared at the kale. Am I really going to massage this? And then I was in, massaging the greens, rubbing the together and using the salt to sort of break them up a little bit. It lasted like 50 seconds and it was over. There was no big deal to this. It was ridiculous easy.
So with that out of the way I needed to decide what was going on this salad. I had some blueberries from the farmer’s market so those went in. I had a lovely creole tomato sitting in my window so that went in. I had a golden mango ripening in my fruit basket and that went in as well. The salad started looking so pretty, like a glowing jewel.
The last step was to cut up the chicken and serve this salad to my family.
I was a little bit nervous of how my family would receive this meal, to be honest. I think I was worried how I would enjoy it, too. But is was SO good! My husband raved, my daughter raved, I raved….we had a rave party. We got high on kale salad and I am gonna do it again, too. This dinner is a keeper.
So have you massaged kale? If you haven’t I hope you will consider it, I think you will be surprised by how easy it is. And try this loose recipe because I think the fruit on the salad really cuts the tart, bitterness of the kale and lemon.


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