I’m ready

So, here in New Orleans we kind of have to trade off in the weather department. We don’t get Autumn, but we also don’t really get Winter and while that sounds like two losses (an technically it is), to me Winter is a drag so I am happy to get rid of it. But Autumn? Now that’s kind of a sore subject for me. Of course we get cooler days and all that, but not real, crisp Autumn. It’s happening for most of you right now, for me it’s just an idea on the computer screen because here it is still Summer. Long, hot Summer. But talk to me in February when I am dancing in the warm air during Mardi Gras, flowers blooming all around, I’ll be real happy then 😉
Anyway, to get me in the mood, trick my mind and launch some fall vibes around these parts here are some images, items and ideas that have me inching in the Autumn direction.
My fave Autumn song:

source unknown

source unknown

Harvest Moon should be tonight, if predictions are correct!

This little guy did it, this little guy helped me take the plunge into pretending it’s Fall! Isn’t he darling? This is hand carved, people. In Canada. LOVE!

I have never really thought about buying cookies online until I saw these…boy are they stinkin’ adorable. And they look pretty yummy, too!

I don’t know why, but every since having a little one I have been drawn to the idea of felted things…and aren’t they so fall-ish? Something so cozy about a soft little wool sculpture.

OMG! I adore this! Like, I need it. Wow. So cute.

This would be the perfect mantle place garland to get me in the mood for fall, I like it’s simple shape and rich colors so much.

Wow, love this, too! What a pretty print to hang for the season! Never to early to think about what we are thankful for 🙂
< a href=”http://www.etsy.com/listing/162991919/thanksgiving-art-print-8×10-pumpkin?ref=shop_home_active”>MooseBerryPrintShop

Who doesn’t wanna snuggle down under this pretty plaid quilt? Such perfect fall colors!

This is so why I go onto Pinterest. I will probably never actually do it, because really, what do I ever make off of Pinterest (?!) but boy, it’s just such a good idea.


I can’t help but think about how dusty this would get in my house and I don’t think I could actually make it knowing that, but if I lived in a regular house where things didn’t get dusty in like 1 second I would totally make a bunch of these because this is awesome!
Floating Ghost on Everydayiscraftingday.com

Apparently you can just drill holes in pumpkins and make the prettiest designs. Who knew? Oh, well Martha Stewart, of course. Making us feel stupid since the 90’s, lol! No, I love her, this is genius.

Oh, I just love these creepy-cute little guys!
Don’t know where the original idea came from, if you do please let me know!


designing for kids, 1 of 2

If you don’t already know, I am an interior design student. I have always loved decorating, re-arranging and changing spaces, it just took me a long time to realize I should try doing it for a job. What gets me the most excited are kid spaces, though. I love the extra dose of whimsy you can inject when the space is intended for a child.

Today I thought it would be really fun to share some images of spaces that I have saved on my desk-top, spaces that I hope I will get to reference one day in the not-to-distant future when I am a working interior designer.

If I could have my dream I would have my own firm where I focused on rooms for the under 18 set. So this will be a 2-fer, today the littles, in the coming weeks, the teens.

source unknown

source unknown

Please feel invited to share links to images of kid spaces you like, or images of your own kiddos space, I would LOVE to see them 🙂


I am an art lover. To me, art is like the sprinkles on top of life. Art is this little gift to humanity that makes life more fun, deeper, it’s like an extra element. I particularly like art with a sense of humor. Ok, I like almost everything with a sense of humor. And here’s where it really gets interesting; only one of the pieces of art in my home right now reflects this and that piece is in my daughter’s room. I seem to have discovered about myself that I enjoy living in a space that is decorated in almost an opposite way to that of my more obvious tastes.
Now that’s weird, right? Anyway, here are some pieces I have been loving lately, regardless of if I will ever want to live with them…

By Judith Geher

By Louise Weaver

By Liu Ye

By Fukawa Aiko

By Alison Watkins

By Joan Jonas

By Shaun Kardinal

Looks like it’s signed ‘CALLA,’ if you know who that is please let me know because I LOVE this piece!

By Elise Werbler

By silverridgestudio on etsy

By Karen Miller

By Isobel Wood

By anek on Etsy, love her stuff!

By Beth Hoeckel, I am a collage artist in my own little world and hold collage near and dear to my heart, Beth’s work ticks my boxes and makes me happy.

By Giordanne Sally

By Arnout van Arbada

By Pepe Shimada

It feels so good to share this beauty through my blog, please look these artists up if you like what you see, I’m sure they would like that 🙂 Check out The Jealous Curator for spot on features of great artists you haven’t heard of but need to. She has such great taste and some of the work is just so out of the box, it’s fun to look. You can also find her here, on sfgirlbybay where she does a bi-weekly sort of thing that’s really fun.

Talking shop with Brooke of Daisy & Stella Vintage on Etsy

daisy and stella
Hello friends! Do I have a treat for the vintage lovers today…the beautiful, blonde, Ms. Brooke of Daisy&Stella vintage is talking to us about what it’s like to sell vintage on Etsy and does she ever have a collection of amazingness. We are talking seriously drool-worthy dresses with all of the little details that make vintage so exciting.

Can you introduce yourself to my readers?
Hi all, I’m Brooke aka Daisy from Daisy and Stella Vintage. I grew up dragging my feet to countless auctions and antique malls and it wasn’t until my late teenage years when I finally started to appreciate all the unique items I was exposed to. One of my biggest regrets is the day I turned down my mom’s 1970s lace up knee high leather boots which went into the donation bag!

The lovely and talented Brooke of Daisy&StellaVintage on Etsy.

The lovely and talented Brooke of Daisy&StellaVintage on Etsy.

How did you come up the with the name Daisy & Stella Vintage? Who are Daisy & Stella?
My best friend Becky and I lived together for over 5 years in college and were both into 1960s 70s fashion at the time – most of which was accumulated from our favorite vintage shop at that time which was JuJu and Moxie.
At some point we came up with fun nicknames for each other – I was, Daisy, and she was, Stella. I was completely enamored with vintage, mainly the hippie vibe with embroidered bellbottoms and crop tops, and started dreaming that someday we would own a combined vintage and coffee shop, where Becky could also display her artwork. We even had a savings ‘jar’ where we started saving little by little for our dream shop.
I always felt that ‘Daisy and Stella’ would be a fun and inviting name for a vintage shop, and while I am the sole owner of Daisy and Stella Vintage, I have been using it for the past ten years. I no longer plan for a physical shop as ETSY has given me much more freedom and financial stability without worrying about paying the rent so to speak.

The two bffs at Brooke's wedding.

The two bffs at Brooke’s wedding.

What sparked your interest in vintage?
Coincidentally shortly after the boot incident, a friend and I got lost on our way to downtown Madison and happened to run into a St. Vincent de Paul on Williamson Street which is a pretty hip & laid back neighborhood. This particular St. Vinnies had so many retro & vintage items and I was instantly attracted to the 60s/70s hippie vibe. A few years later I spotted my first 1950s party dress in a shop window with red velveteen polka dots on white organza and I instantly fell in love with the clothing from that decade.

Do you have any collections of your own?

Most definitely – vintage fashion is my weakness and passion! There are a few vintage items that I don’t think I can ever part with including a 1930s net & lace dress and bolero set that I wore to my wedding last year and a 1930s black net evening gown that my dad had purchased for me about 7 years ago.

Brooke or "Daisy" looking lovely  in her  1930s net and lace dress that she wore for her wedding.

Brooke or “Daisy” looking lovely in her 1930s net and lace dress that she wore for her wedding.

My dad has since passed and the memory of that day still makes me smile. I hope to be able to wear that gown at least once as she’s truly remarkable and shouldn’t be hidden away in my closet!

DaisyandStella Vintage seems to specialize in amazing bridal-wear

This is what $500 can get you for your wedding day @ Daisy&Stella…well worth it I would say! And btw this is reserved, but I just had to show yall!

What?! This dress is insane!
from here

Is etsy your sole source of income?

Halfway through college, I dreamt of having my own vintage shop. I kept this goal alive and after 6 years working for a wood truss association I had saved up enough money to quit and try ETSY full time. This is my third year with my ETSY shop being my full-time job and nearly full source of income. I do have a few local buyers and am about to partake in my first vintage flea market so that’s exciting!

Do you use social media to enhance your success on Etsy and if so, how?

I do have a facebook business page @ http://www.facebook.com/daisyandstella, along with a twitter and pinterest page. This year I also started a blog @ http://www.daisyandstella.com hoping to get more relevant in the Google searches. I post probably too many additional photos on my Facebook page of the items I have listed for sale as the 5 picture allotment on ETSY just doesn’t seem to be enough to show all the detail.

What are your favorite places to score vintage treasures?

About once every year there is a vintage clothing & accessories auction in the Milwaukee area that I attend. For me, auctions are by far the most exciting place to score vintage and my adrenaline really gets pumping! Each year I get more knowledgeable about vintage items and so I am more able to bid with confidence. I also seek out vintage flea markets, estate sales and antique malls and am always on the lookout during a roadtrip.

What is a typical day like working for yourself as a seller on Etsy?

Unfortunately my days are anything but typical and I do hope to get more organized and scheduled with my work day. My main workspace is in my basement and so depending on the lighting, I try to take photos either early in the morning or very early afternoon. I have a 15 month old puppy and so every day around noon time we go for a 3 mile run. After lunch, I usually clean up all the photos, research labels and work on listing descriptions. Usually I will wait until the end of the day to package any orders that came in and head out to the post office which is less than a mile from my house. I also like to spread out my listings, so twice a night between 6 and 9pm central time I will publish a new listing if possible.

What have you learned about photography as an Etsy seller?

Photography is key to ETSY success and something I still struggle with on an on-going basis. I have done quite a bit of research on shutter speed and aperture to improve my photos. Looking back at my earliest listings, the photos were very dark and grainy as I had been shooting in ‘auto’ setting which is something I would never do now. I still have a hard time photographing black dresses as many times the details get lost and dust spots appear.

Do you get a lot of repeat business and if so what keeps your customers coming back?

I have an amazing repeat customer base which is about 15-20% of my business. I came from an association where customer service was key and that is a top priority in my business. It is my goal to answer any questions within a couple hours of receipt and to ship out any orders within 24 hours of purchase if possible. I also like to keep my customers informed on when the package ships with the tracking information and anything else that may arise.

What is your favorite era for vintage things? Why?

This is such a hard question for me as the 1950s is what sparked my true passion for vintage. I am drawn to the full skirted dresses of this era and am always on a lookout for my next party dress. In terms of collecting and coveting, the 1920s and 1930s Art Deco gowns definitely take the cake for me. I recently listed a late 1910s early 20s wedding dress that I had in my collection for over 6 years! I get too attached to these dresses that have so much intricate detailing that you never see in modern dresses and I love to think about the unknown story, history and woman behind of each dress.

Thanks, Brooke! And readers, let me just finish by saying it was terribly difficult to choose which dresses to showcase in this interview because there are just SO many great things in this woman’s shop. You truly will find something you LOVE, or just want everything like do!


Little Ms. MaryJane

What is your name? “MaryJane…Ward…W-A-R-D”
How old are you? “I am…five”
Who is your mom? “Rachel Ward, W-A-R-D”
What does she do? “She has no jobs, she only has school…..just school, she doesn’t have aaaaany jobs but school”
Who is your dad? “Dennis Ward, W-A-R-D”
What does he do? “He works at my school…the school is um, it’s the school I go to, he used to work at Lowe’s…or is it Home Depot?”
What do you want to be when you grow up? “Uh, I want to be…a…what’s a paleontologist, Mama? But I don’t want to be that. I want to be a zoo, I mean I want to work at the zoo”
What’s your favorite food? “Um, cherries. Fake cherries.” Do you mean maraschino cherries? “Yeah, fake cherries.”
What’s your least favorite food? “Ummmm…my least favorite food. I’m sorry, my other favorite food is sushi, too, my favorite food is sushi.” Ok, so what is your least favorite food? “One of them is uh, salad leaves that aren’t crunchy. Whatever. I like the crunchy salad leaves. And shrimp, I don’t like them anymore.”
What is your favorite animal? “Oh. Um, zebra. Oh, kittens. And bunnies! and don’t forget, cute little gerbilcorns…gerbil, gerbil, little gerbilcoooorns. I meant, hamsters! I meant to say haaaaamsters, I’m sorry.”
Where do you want to live when you grow up? “I want to live in Hawaii.”
What does your mom say all the time? “Dennis, come here blah blah, toys, blah blah t-z-k-o-p ”
What does dad say? “No, I don’t like that, we’re not doin’ that today, no, no, no!”
What is your favorite movie? “I haven’t seen all of them in the world, so I don’t know. Barbie movies….of course. And Annie. Orphan Ann-uh.”
What is your favorite restaurant’s name? “Sushi places.”
What is your favorite book? “Um. Let me show ya.” Brings me a stack of Barbie Books
What is your favorite toy? “Barbies. No! Bun. Bun and Barbies.”
What would you do with a million dollars? “I would go on a cruise, I would eat sushi. I would…uumm…eat candy, too. Aaaand, go to the aquarium. The children’s museum. I would go everywhere! I would get a diamond. I would um, I would ride a pony. And, the last thing is get the best Barbie movie in the world!”
What are you scared of? “The DARK! I’m really scared of the dark!”
Can you tell me 5 words that describe you the best? “Umm, talented, pretty aaaaand the last thing is pretty. I already said pretty, didn’t I? O.k. And pink. Pink pink pink! Piiiiiink!”

Well, that pretty much says it all.

kitchen love, pt 2

So this is the second installment of my kitchen love post. I have been thinking that I would juxtapose my two tastes in posts for each room, ie the kitchen, like I have done here and then the dining room, living room, bedroom and bath. So stay tuned for the those posts, to come.

My other favored look is also pretty white-filled but it’s set off with pops of brights. I think of it as a casual, California-cool and modern kind of look. I really like this vibe because I have always been attracted to bright happy colors, but I know I can’t live in a home that is saturated in color, I need calm in my home so the white-ness is important.

From HouseandHome.com

Jonathon Adler lighting

Also from Birch+Bird.

Like in the image above, I would like to do a cool gallery wall with art pieces like the ones below, not necessarily the exact pieces, but the vibe of them, at least.

Via littlebitfunky.com


Jonathon Adler Clock

Def. not feeling the Campbell’s soup can-lights for myself, but I love everything else.
Via Bungalow5

Wallpaper from Flavorpaper

Kitchen love pt. 1

I am of two different decorating minds and am at the point where I am trying to figure out how to merge them or even if to merge them. If I don’t figure out how to combine them then I have to choose between them…I don’t know which direction to go. So I thought I would organize my likes here on the blog and hopefully organically come to a conclusion. Today I am sharing one side of my likes for the kitchen. On this side I like creamy colored cabinets, a light palette including greige, blues, pearl with some French-y and cottage-y influences. This look is all about being soothing and calm, very home-y but still with a touch of whimsy. But just a touch. The wallpaper would be tempered with lots of cream, lots of light colors. Because the wallpaper is kind of funky I would make everything else pretty high end.

The use of wallpaper, here, is exactly how I would temper my taste for a more whimsical paper with the desire I have for a more classic look. This kitchen really hits the nail on the head for me in every way except I would use a more fun paper.
Image via InteriorDesign5.

I actually have these exact canisters and I am certain that whichever decorating direction I go I am going to use them and the pearly tile backsplash pictured here.
Via Houzz

Via HouseBeautiful, source of paper unknown to me.

Adore this! The light fixture, the topiaries, it’s almost all perfection. I think the clean white mixed with the taupe is my only dislike, I would go a more greige/gray blue direction in the roman shade and then a pearly tile backsplash, but that’s just me. Image found on Houzz.

Source unknown to me, if you have it please share 🙂

I love a lot of this look, although it’s a little too cottage-y for me, esp. the candle holders…
from here

Do you like this look? Do you have any links to some kitchens that are getting this look just right?

Talking Shop with Ronnie and Jennifer of Hoof & Antler

talking shop
So today we are hearing from the folks behind Hoof & Antler, an Etsy shop out of Philly. What drew me to this shop was their obvious sense of humor and masculine selection. Their shop reminds me of my Grandpa’s garage, which makes me happy. One of my weird quirks is that I am grateful to people who appreciate vintage as much as I do and it makes me doubly happy when someone sees things that I don’t see. What I mean by that is when I am in a thrift store I have a certain set of things that catch my eye. The things in this shop are not things I would shop for, but I am really glad other people do because then those things will be appreciated, too. See, I told you it was quirky. I want all the little vintage things of the world to get equal love ❤ Yes, I'm crazy, the secret is now out!
Anyway, on with this wonderful interview:

Can you introduce yourself to my readers?
H&A is made up of the the boyfriend/girlfriend combo of Ronnie Gouger (32) & Jennifer Candeloro (29). They live together in a South Philadelphia row home along with their two pups, 14 year old Pug/Chihuahua named “Pugslee” and their 3 year old Morkie, “Basil.” In addition to running Hoof & Antler, Ronnie also manages a team of systems analysts for a major telecommunications company and Jena is a freelance graphic designer.

Ronnie with his prized vintage prosthetic leg that he scored @ the Brimfield Flea.

Ronnie with his prized vintage prosthetic leg that he scored @ the Brimfield Flea.

What sparked your interest in vintage?We’ve both always had an interest in hunting for treasures at local flea markets, thrift stores. etc. When we started dating (and eventually moved in together) our collectieve interests intensified, resulting in an apartment stuffed to the brim with fun and unique vintage items. Eventually we realized that we had a pretty good eye and decided to turn our hobby/obsession into a business!

A Hoof & Antler set up at the Brooklyn Flea, Philly, recently.

A Hoof & Antler set up at the Brooklyn Flea, Philly, recently.

...and another shot of a recent H&A booth at the Brooklyn Flea, Philly.

…and another shot of a recent H&A booth at the Brooklyn Flea, Philly.

Do you have any collections of your own?
Ronnie – I absolutely love antique late 1800’s Circus Freak & Sideshow act cabinet cards. This is a relatively new interest for me so my collection is relatively small, but steadily growing. I also am a huge fan of antique books, vintage anatomy charts & maps, and antique quack medicine bottles.

Is etsy your sole source of income?

No. As noted above we both have jobs. Additionally, we’ve begun selling or wares in “real life” at the Brooklyn Flea Philly market (a spin off of the popular Market in Brooklyn, NY ( http://www.brooklynflea.com/philly/ ) and can be found there most Sundays.

Do you use social media to enhance your success on Etsy and if so, how?

Yes, we have a pretty decent following on our FB page (https://www.facebook.com/HoofAndAntler) which we use to post information on promotions, newly listed items, etc. We also have recently begun using Instagram quite a bit (hoofandantler) to post fun stuff and have been surprised at how quickly people notice you through that venue.

What has been your biggest Etsy success and your biggest Etsy fail?

Our biggest Etsy success was our first sale, which took place a few weeks after we opened the shop in April of 2011. We can remember it like it was yesterday…someone with the ID of “PukeSkywalker” bought a pretty great vintage flannel shirt which he said was exactly like one that he had worn for years until it fell apart and was no longer wearable. PukeSkywalker will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

They have a selection of vintage flannel shirts so you could find your own perfect men’s flannel, too 🙂
from here

What are your favorite places to score vintage treasures?

It’s funny because we get asked this alot and it’s always a tough question to answer because we are always on the lookout. When you go to a flea market or estate sale you expect to come home with some fun stuff, but the more rewarding finds are those least expected, like coming across a random yard sale or yes, we’ll say it, finding an amazing piece of vintage on the curb nestled within someone’s trash. One man’s trash really is another man’s treasure.

What is a typical day like working for yourself as a seller on Etsy?

A typical day is commonly spent photographing,doing research, responding to customer inquiries and listing new items. One of the keys to Etsy is keeping active within your shop to continue to drive customers there, so we try really hard to list a few new items 4-5 days a week.

What have you learned about photography as an Etsy seller?

Lighting is key!!! Lighting can make or break a photo. A clean white background also helps quite a bit!The better your pictures are the better chance your items will make it into treasures which generates traffic to your shop.

Don’t you just love these skeleton key necklaces? Sometimes something so simple is just so cool. They have them in different colors, too.
from here


beauty basics

I am just not motivated to get to involved in make-up and blow drying, especially in the morning. And let me be the first to say that maybe I should be more motivated. I envy women who have it in ’em to put all of that effort in, I wouldn’t even know where to start.
But as I have gotten older the reality of skin damage and wrinkles has started to sink in and I do slather on moisturizer pretty frequently and liberally. I really like the Vit C serum, shown above. It doesn’t make me break out which is the most important thing and it does seem to make my skin more glow-y. Beyond the serum I like to use just plain old virgin coconut oil. I like that stuff for every part of my body and a $7 jar from Whole Foods last me about 6 months and that includes if I use it in smoothies occasionally or whatever. I know a lot of people shy away from the idea of using oil on their skin, but for me, a person prone to break-outs, I have never ever broken out from using coconut oil right on my face like a face cream. Ever. I like to use it as a hot oil treatment for my hair, too, but I am on the no-shampoo train, so that might make a difference. If you shampoo and as a result you have that whole oily-hair-cycle going on then it probably would not be a good idea for you. But if, like me, you have crazy coarse and curly hair then I say try it because it really does make my hair a tad more manageable.
My routine looks like this: Wash my face in the shower with Cetaphil or Pro-active depending on mood and how my face feels/looks. Moisturize with Vit C serum and coconut oil. Spritz perfume and swipe on Dove deodorant or crystal deodorant depending on what kind of day I anticipate having. Maybe dot a little Benetint on cheeks and lips. Seriously. And trust me, this is not so pared down because I think I am just this hot, young thing who can get away with it. I should probably put a little more effort in, and I do when I have to be at school or church or something, but just to write this blog? I may not even have brushed my teeth until I have had my second cup of coffee around noon. Is that too honest, lol?
As far as make-up goes I am not a go-to for much advice in that area, but I do have a few favorite products that are shown in the image above and I really really like the look I can achieve with them.

This is a good close-up pic of how I do my make-up with the products shown in the collage. The pic is from like 3 years ago, but I am still rockin’ this look when I bother to do my face. I guess it’s classic and I think it flatters just about everyone. I find the felt tip liner to work the easiest for that liquid liner winged-eye look I love so much.
And the Benetint is just about perfection in a bottle. First off it smells like roses. Secondly it has multiple uses because you can use it on your lips and cheeks, which I do. It’s so easy, layerable and takes merely seconds. People tell me all. the. time. that I have such a rosy complexion, but no, I have a pastey face just like anyone else until I use this stuff. One bottle is almost $30 and I would never spend that kind of dough if it wasn’t worth it. You can, however, buy sample sizes on E-bay in 3 packs for like $10, shipping included so search around over there if you wanna give it a try but aren’t ready to commit. I suggest you just buy the whole bottle, though, because it’s worth every penny. Also, Benetint does have 3-4 shades but I like the classic original. If you do buy the samples off of E-bay you can mix and match shades so that might be worth it if you wanted to experiment in that way.
I really like Clinique for anything foundation-y. I started with them when I was 18 and I loved their ‘almost make-up.’ When ‘BB’ and ‘CC’ creams came out I thought the name ‘BB’ and ‘CC’ was dumb, but I happen to really like the Clinique ‘CC’ and it does what it should which is add some moisture, cover enough and make me look radiant, not cake-y or weird.
I didn’t include a mascara in the collage above because I don’t pledge allegiance to any particular one. I buy different ones each time and have not found one I love. I actually wish I could find a classic lash tint as opposed to a mascara, but I haven’t found one still on the market as of yet. If you know of one let me know in the comments.
For soap purposes I am devoted to Dr. Bronner’s because the story of the guy who invented it is so crazy I still don’t understand who he is or why he was the way he was, but the soap is a vintage product that has stuck around and you know how I feel about vintage things and then I just really like the purity and the scents. It’s just good old fashioned quality soap made from good ingredients that my whole family can use. And no, I don’t get paid to endorse any of this stuff, I just genuinely like it all!
So what do you use? Do you switch it up or are you like me and mostly use the same stuff?